Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Schmooze moves

I will be attending two functions later today, both at the same place. The first will be a meeting of a few Giants and A's bloggers from the Bay Area. One blog which I haven't mentioned before, but will now (cuz I'm gonna link it), is Elephants in Oakland. Upon reading through it, the two adjectives that came through to me were: dedication (to the A's), and enthusiasm. We're all dedicated and enthusiastic about our fave teams, but it just seems to me there's another level to it on that blog.

I'm also going to link Athletic's Nation, simply because it's one of the best sites I've visited, not only in content, but layout and presentation as well.

My fellow bloggers and I will be discussing...something baseball-related. What exactly, I'm not sure, but it'll be good. I'm going to try and jot some notes and give a small summary of what was talked about. As a side note, I'm very happy to have been invited, as I've only had this blog up for a little over a month.

The second function is the Baseball Prospectus pizza feed. The Baseball Prospectus staff will be there, as will many other local baseball fans. I'm sure there'll be a plethora of baseball talk here as well, as well as the comsumption of mass quantities of pizza. Talking baseball and eating pizza for hours? I dunno for sure, but that sounds like something that I was born to do.

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