Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Mo' betta Giants Blogs

There are some good Giants blogs on that there sidebar. Visit them. Now.

Eric's Appropriately Critical Baseball Blog is one blog where one never has to worry that the writer isn't saying exactly what's on his mind. He's also the newest addition to my sidebar, which means that if you visit him now, you'll build up enough karma to...I dunno, find loose change in your pockets or something.

Fogball is written by Rob Assalino and Tom Gorman, who are Real Writers. Being a Real Writer is imporant, because when you say things it's a lot more likely that you know what you're talking about. This is not only a good reason to visit their site, it's also a good reason to Pay Attention when reading what they've written. Yes, I like Capitalization, and I Overuse It With Wild Abandon.

Also, remember that Waiting for Boof has morphed into (insert space-like echo voice here) McCovey Chronicles (more echo)!

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