Monday, February 21, 2005

Tidbits...has anyone ever had bits of tid? It's overrated.

After a few comments and a few e-mails, I'm going to add a couple of tiny, miniscule, not-worth-discussion pieces of info on my friend's POSSIBLE purchase into ownership of the Golden State Warriors.

  • The purchase would not be for complete ownership of the team, only 50%, so a complete change in ownership would not be taking place. Think of this what you, on the other hand, think of that what I will -- he'd own half the team, which in some places is known as 50%. Or half. Take your pick.
  • No figures (as in large, large dollar amounts) have been discussed as of yet, only philosophical such-and-suches.
  • I'll give you the initials of my friend's name. CZ. There ya go, have fun trying to mold them into somebody you've heard of

Well, that'll be all you'll hear from me on this subject for a while, or at least until Something Newsworthy actually happens.

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