Sunday, February 13, 2005

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Well, whichever one of you wished me luck (that is, if any of you wished me luck at all), I must thank you. I won one on Friday and Saturday night, meaning my $110 or so dollars I've been up 'til this point is now more like $260. Whoo hoo!

Saturday's was one of the oddest endings I've had in a live game. After going at it for about 30 minutes with myself and my buddy Dave trading chips back and forth, the decisive hand was played. Dave's pair of pocket two's was beaten by my pair of three's on the river to end it. Really, it was a better heads-up game than that sounds, but I don't think he thought I was going to call his all-in, and I really shouldn't have called with queen/three offsuit, but as long as I won I'm not going to complain. You just don't expect a game to end with a pair of three's beating a pair of two's, though. Perhaps it was because we were still playing at about 3:00 in the morning and were punchy, eh?

I'm really wanting to write a bit about Jose Canseco's "book", or "Jose Canseco's" book, if you prefer. Being that I think he's dumber than a sack of rusty crowbars, I have a bit of trouble calling it simply Jose Canseco's book, because that moron would have had to have an ocean's worth of help to even write a postcard. However, I'm going to attempt to collect my thoughts into something cohesive and objective, which is difficult when dealing with something so obviously as selfish as "his" book is. We'll see where this attempt takes me.

Other tidbits that are causing me to shake my head:

  • I'm still a bit incredulous over some of the results with these potential arbitration cases. Aramis Ramirez, one year contract. Ben Sheets, one year contract. Lance Berkman, one year contract. Johan Santana, still not signed. Actually, I'm going to backpedal a bit. I'm incredulous with the aforementioned when compared to what some players have been getting this offseason. With Derek Lowe, Eric Milton, Roger Clemens, Carlos Beltran, Pedro Martinez, and others getting top dollar (and all overpaid to some degree, in my opinion), I'm finding it a bit hard to figure why these proven top-notch players still have yet to put some ink on some long-term contracts. I would have much less of a problem with those first set of players getting 10 million plus per year than most of the second set. I guess being in your prime and coming off your best season isn't all it's cracked up to be, eh?
  • All the talk over Jason Giambi's press conference strike me as a little...I dunno, a little bit of an incredibly, profoundly stupid waste of time. What, exactly, are people looking for him to say? Do they want him to lie, so that everyone can write about how big of a liar he is...again? Do they want a confession, rife with tears (that they would say are fake) and a plea for forgiveness (which they would reject)? Giambi's press conference should have lasted about one second, which should have consisted of Jason grabbing the mic and saying, "My bad" in a clear, strong voice. Doesn't that sum everything up just fine?

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