Friday, February 18, 2005

Interesting and Interestinger...

I've been in serious neglect this week, but you can blame my work schedule for that. And no, poker has absolutely nothing to do with the lack of posting lately. Nothing at all.

......... ..... .....

Okay, okay, stop looking at me like that! It IS poker, alright? Happy now?!

One thing I'll say of substance in this post, though, is that I may...MAY being the operative word here -- I may have insider information as to an impending change (perhaps alteration is a better word) in the ownership of the Golden State Warriors. How would I have this insider info, you ask? Well, only because it involves a good friend of mine.

I'll also say that if this change occurs, Warriors fans could have a very good reason to be optimistic about the future of the ballclub. The reason? Because it involves a good friend of mine.

Not sure, of course, how many of you that read my blog are Warriors fans, but nevertheless, I'll keep you all abreast of an significant information regarding this matter in this space.

Take care, everyone, and have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Is there anymore you can share with us? And yes, please keep us, Warriors fans, posted.

Anonymous said...

Oh Please God let someone legitimate buy the Warriors. Do post anything to give us long-suffering few some hope.

Daniel said...

At this very early juncture, I can't really say more than the talks have begun, and a meeting has taken place between the parties involved. My friend would be buying 50%, so the current ownership would not change, per se.

Let me also say I was very much blown away by this. My friend has apparently always wanted to have ownership in a major sports franchise, and this opportunity simply stumbled into his lap. He told me after the both of us were bumped out of one of our poker sessions, and I must've blinked at him 20 times before reacting.

The last thing I'll say is that my friend very much wants to be a voice in the direction of the franchise, and that very thing will be an important part of the discussion. He believes that the franchise currently will have to go above and beyond to turn things around, and he doesn't see any way to do this other than spending some money early on until things change.

In any case, we'll see if all this goes anywhere -- forgive me for not saying more (like my friend's name), but I'd like to wait until there's something substantial before exposing the scoop. I'd also have to clear it with my friend before breaking the story as well, of course.

Grant said...

Does it bug you when you lose money to this guy in poker? Or, are you hustling him?

Or, is a 50% stake in the Warriors worth about the same as a Saab these days?

Count me in as a huge Warrior fan. I'd love to see how they turn Foyle and Fisher into something they can really, really use.

And your friend is Dontrelle Willis. No? Damn.

Daniel said...

I am curiously happy when my friend wins a poker game, despite our financial disposition. He doesn't play as much as some of us other addicts (who play online as well as live), so it took him longer to get good.

Now that he's learned, however, I want to smash and grind him into little losing fragments just like I do with all my other friends. Only when we're playing poker, though. I don't want to smash and grind them when we're not playing poker. Just thought I'd make that clear.

He's damned competitive, too, by the way, which'd be good for the team.