Thursday, March 03, 2005

Alright, here we go!

The Giants first spring training game has been played, and it was a success.

They edged out the Anaheim Angels...uh, the Los Angeles Angels...

You know, I've come to the realization that I ain't gonna be typing the freaking Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim anymore this season. They're the Anaheim Angels, or they're the Angels. That's it. No other city names, and certainly no words like "of", which is simply the last word that should ever be the part of any major sports franchise. Arte Moreno can get all defensive if he wants, but he's going to be called a stupid idiot for doing this all season long, and for the rest of the time the Angels sport that stupid moniker.

'Kay, I'm done.

Anyhow, the Giants edged out...the Angels, 9-8, finally getting revenge for the 2002 World Series defeat they suffered at the Angels hands. Bonds called this victory "triumphant", even though he didn't play, and Felipe Alou shaved his mustache in honor of the achievement.

Hey, forgive me for pulling crap out of the air, but it IS just a spring training game, although it almost gives me wood to finally see live play starting.

Both Brad Hennessey and Armando Benitez were roughed up, which means nothing for Benitez, of course, but isn't a good harbinger for Hennessey. The young pitcher allowed 3 runs and 3 walks in one inning, only getting two outs. Yikes.

I'm going to try for a real post sometime later today, just as soon as I think of something to post about. Anyone got any ideas?


Pops said...

and, did the Royals play today?

Daniel said...

Yes, the Royals beat the Texas Rangers, 6-4.

What, do you think I've forsaken the Royals or something?