Saturday, March 26, 2005

All According to Plan

A few of you may remember, about a month and a half ago I made a naked...well, maybe not naked, but scantily-clad power grab by putting up pics of Eva Longoria and Leeann Tweeden on the blog here. Part of the reason for this was to test my new little toy to see how posting pics on the blog would go, and the other part was to experiment a bit with pics of hot chicks and seeing how that would affect my blog traffic, even if only for a moment.

Well, it didn't do lots for blog traffic, as expected, but I did finally succeed in catching an search-engine reference today, and I followed it to It turns out, if one were to happen to put in "Leeann Tweeden baseball" into a search string, good ol' Orange & Black Baseball comes up 2nd in the results. If one puts in "Eva Longoria baseball" into the search, this blog comes up 4th. Haven't the slightest clue why anyone would put that into a search string, but the knowledge is still strangely comforting.

If you're reading this caption, you need to get your priorities straight. Look a little higher. There you go.

The reason for the picture this time? Well, Josh Beckett, to my knowledge, is still dating Leeann Tweeden (lucky bastard), so there's a baseball-related reference for you to qualify putting another HOT, HOT pic of Miss Tweeden on my blog.

As if I really needed an excuse.


Kevin said...

*Passes Out Because of Picture*

BTW, I think Josh Beckett's dating Tweeden.

Daniel said...

BTW, I think you've told me that before, and BTW, I still screwed up and remembered a different name.

Yeah, um...


Oh, and good going on the picture. It's nice to finally put a face to the name and all that.

Deshawn Defeo said...

I hope you are well!