Sunday, March 27, 2005

Musical Mayhem - Lavish Green

I hate following. But sometimes, when an idea is cool, not following along is dumb. I hate following, but not as much as I hate being dumb. So, I'm going to follow along with a cool idea.

A few baseball blogs I've run across (including two on that thar sidebar: Aaron Gleeman's site, and Kevin Agee's site) have including music into their posting in one way or another. Gleeman went so far as to pose a challenge to bloggers to put their I-Pods on shuffle, and to list the first 40 songs that came up on their blogs, like he did. It may not seem like much to some of you, but listing 40 songs out of what one listens to can tell people a bit about you, and in some cases (with some songs or artists), be a little embarrassing.

I don't have an I-Pod, so I did not take Gleeman's challenge -- also, I don't think I'm on his blog-reading list. However, my friend Kevin had a decent idea a while back for his blog -- he simply listed a bit of his musical taste on his sidebar. It's a good idea, so I think I'm going to follow along, although I hate following.

From left to right: John (drums), Joel (lead guitar), Sanchez (lead vocals, trumpet), and Rob (bass, vocals)

I'm going to start with the band pictured above: Lavish Green. No, most of you haven't heard of them, but we have to realize that it isn't always the most talented artists that sign record contracts and hit the big time.

Why these guys? Well, they're my favorite band. Why? Well, their music isn't any better than a couple other bands I love like Tool, Sevendust, or Chevelle, but it's just as good, and...well, I know these guys, and they're as cool as they come.

They're based out of South Lake Tahoe, and are often doing shows in Nevada, the Sacramento area, the Bay Area, and points south. They play hard rock, funk, ska, a bit of reggae, and when they do a show, people shake their booties (including me). They've had some of their songs featured on the t.v. show Monster Garage, ESPN, MTV, a snowboard video or three, and was featured on the FOX Sports show 5,4,3,2,1...which I'm assuming is still going, and I'm assuming is still hosted partially by Leeann Tweeden.

See how it all ties together? My favorite band was featured on a show hosted by my favorite babe-I'll-never-have? I'll spare you the suspense -- she wasn't on the scene when they were interviewed, so they didn't get the chance to meet her. Drat, and double-drat!

In any case, you can head over to and learn a little more, specifically when and where they're playing so you can figure out a day and time to check them out. Bring some open ears and some enthusiasm with you, and a willingness to shake that booty (or, perhaps mosh a depends, you know?).

Oh, and fellas, I missed you at Time Out, but I WILL be in Concord to see you on 4/20 -- I mean, how could I NOT be there to see y'all rock the f*** out on 4/20, of all days? But um, I don't know about being in the Pit and all, if one forms...I'm getting a little old for that s***, ya know?

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