Friday, March 11, 2005

Poker Night

Alright, it's weekly Poker Night, and I'm fired up.

I haven't won in the last 3 sessions, with only one 2nd place to my credit. This is unacceptable.

Therefore, my mission tonight is twofold: 1) Win at least once, 2) come in no worse than 2nd, and 3) do not let my buddy Dave win.

I know what you're saying. "Dan, you said your mission was twofold, but you rattled off three points."

Sure I did, and that should let you know the seriousness of the situation.

Dave wins entirely too much, as he lives and breathes poker -- if he's not playing live, he's playing I could use the excuse that he plays a lot more than me, but I've played plenty and I am plenty good.

I'm gonna kick ass and take names...and win money...and drink some beer...and...other stuff.

Note: In addition to my intense hatred of Big Slick, I also now hate suited cards, as I get flushes more often with offsuit cards than I do with suited cards. I think I run about 1 flush for about 500 occurences of getting suited cards -- and that isn't really an overestimation. If I get suited cards, I will get no more than one more on the flop, though usually the suits just run from me completely. Got clubs? Heart, diamond, heart on the flop. Got hearts? Spade, club, diamond on the flop.

Not that I should expect flushes with suited cards, but most often I don't even get end up with a flush draw after the river...frustrating stuff, I tell you.

Just gimme some freaking connected overcards and I'll be runnin' thangs.

Wish me luck! A Real Entry on Saturday or Sunday, as I'm OFF FOR THE WEEKEND! WOO HOO!

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