Tuesday, March 22, 2005

A Test

Here it is, a test for us all. Are we Giants fans first, or do we go to watch the Barry Show?

If he does indeed miss the entire season, the Bay Area fanbase will be exposed for what it is: loyal to the team, or just a bunch of bandwagon riders, ready to jump off as soon as the ride gets rough.

This is a bad blow for Barry, as the only real way to quiet the steroid critics was to go out there when most would assume he's clean, and put up another 1.300 OPS season. Giambi will be watched for this, as well, but the attention would have paled in comparison to the microscope Bonds would have found himself under. Now, we'll just have to wait. What will we do in the meantime?

Me? I'm going to still go to the ballyard, still tune in to FOX and KTVU, still wear my hat, jersey, still blog...

What will everyone else do? How many of us were watching the San Francisco Bonds and not the San Francisco Giants?

We're about to find out.


Anonymous said...

Daniel, I am looking so forward to being able to buy tickets for a Sat. game without having to do it in February. I believe there are plenty of real fans listening on the radio who just don't want to deal with the meat market/corporate lounge/wannabe high school social scene relivers at Mays Field (sic).

In particular, I love the come in the third leave in the sixth crowd. I know it's a long train ride back to Walnut Creek or Disco Bay, but why waste the money, time, and more importantly the seat?


Daniel said...

You've hit a nasty nail on the head with that comment, BB. The one thing about the position of the downtown stadium is convenience for the 9 to 5 crowd and any socialites that decide that the Giants are "in" right now (which usually means when they're winning, or while the Bonds Show is playing). Take away the winning AND Bonds? To quote El Lefty Malo, "uh oh".

Despite the fact that they had some very good seasons in Candlestick, the park itself discouraged a lot of the shallow crowd. It was too unforgiving with that chill and that wind (it could be 90 in Walnut Creek, but still 60 at Candlestick with that flesh-piercing wind), plus it's a "nasty" 7 or 8 block drive from where Mays Field is -- just tooooo long of a drive from downtown for the socialites.

Not to mention, being in a neighborhood like Hunter's Point doesn't exactly make Candlestick ~more~ inviting.