Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Start Spreadin' the News

All of you social Giants fans won't want to miss this.

On April 9th, the folks over at Mays Field are puttin' on a get-together in San Francisco at the Brickyard, just a couple of blocks from Mays Field itself (yes, I know, SBC park officially, but to the hand).

If you'd like to go, I'ma suggestin' thatcha mosey on over ta here and git yurself all tha details, reeeeeeeeal quick-like, hear?

The neat thing about running my own blog is that I can type any dangfool thing that comes to my mind, and NOBODY CAN STOP ME!

Anyhow, I'm gonna be there with my Mays Field gear on (you get a discount on beer just for wearing it, and if that isn't endorsement enough to buy thestuff of Mays Field, then you will wake up tomorrow morning to see flying, pink space elephants gliding in V formation over your home...and again, I can write ANY dangfool thing that comes to my mind here). If you're looking for me there to chat baseball, or to throw your cute, female self at me for no particular reason other than you dig bald guys, then remember to check my picture on the sidebar. If you're looking for me to collect on some debt, criticize my writing in person, steal my beer, or to expound on the virtues of peanut butter as an alternative to lotion as a skin moisturizer, then please ignore the sidebar, that is me before the operation.

Once again, anything. I can write literally anything here. Beetlejuice. See?

Sidenote: Yesterday's rant about Jason Christiansen not only applies to him, but Wayne Franklin, too. What the heck happened to Sabean's tried-and-true method of, "If you screw up in the playoffs or in important games leading to the playoffs, you will not return to the Giants the next season."

He did it with Jose Cruz, Jr., and he did it with Dustin Mohr, yet he didn't do it with Wayne Franklin, who also happened to suck a lot more than the aforementioned players did,and allowed the Steve Finley grand bomb last October that truncated the Giants playoff contention. Perhaps that formula only applies to right fielders...

Ah, nevermind.

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