Monday, January 17, 2005

Are You Ready For This?


Yep, nothing again for today. However, I will say that within the next day or two I will finally break down the acquisition that I should've broken down weeks ago: Armando Benitez.

Now obviously, we could compare Benitez to say, Matt Herges -- but why? We know there's no way, short of underhand tossing his pitches while blindfolded and his other arm tied behind his back, that Benitez could be any worse than Herges was last season. However, Brian Sabean did have the option of retaining Dustin Hermanson as his closer for 2005, and didn't do it. So, a comparison of Benitez and Hermanson isn't out of place, and just for grins and giggles, I'm going to throw in Robb Nen, too. No, not the Robb Nen of the last two seasons (comparing a fastball hurling Benitez with Mr. Uber-Rehab wouldn't be smart, right?), but the Robb Nen of Old.

Can Benitez be better than Nen was? Heck, can he even equal Nen? Would Sabean have been better served to go with the cheaper option, Hermanson, and use that cash someplace else? Well, I'll try and answer that question as vaguely as I possibly can.

This I'll throw out there just for fun. If Sabean had made the following moves...or, non-moves, if you will: 1) not signed Omar Vizquel, not signed Mike Matheny, not signed Benitez, and thus 2) crossed his fingers, prayed to God, and stayed with Deivi Cruz, Yorvit Torrealba, and Dustin Hermanson...and on top of all that, found a team that wanted to trade for Marquis Grissom...

Would Sabean have had enough dough to sign Carlos Beltran? Like I said, just a thought. But just on an average salary per year basis, those four things would equal around 21 million bucks per year. He could have met the Mets 17 mil per year offer, and had 4 mil to spend elsewhere. Again, just shooting from the hip...

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