Thursday, January 20, 2005

Pedro Feliz better be Pedro Happy...

Hm, Pedro Feliz is the recipient of a 2 year, 6.1 million dollar contract.

I'd dearly like to say Feliz is overpaid at this point, but when you look at what other Giants are being paid right now, I guess it doesn't seem that out of line...

Unless you believe that many other Giants are overpaid...but I'll name no names. I'll let you all do the MATH-ENY, because to just come out and say it would be tO MAR my good name. I'll just ed-guard-o my tongue for now.

Besides some versatility (which was pretty much forced on him), Feliz just isn't worth an average of 3 million a year. He's a utility player. Yes, a utility player with some power, but also a utility player who doesn't walk. Can anyone think of any utility players around the league who make about 3 million a year?

Folks, even the Yankees don't pay utility players 3 million a year. Miguel Cairo, 2004, $900K.

I really like Feliz, even though if my life depended on Feliz seeing five pitches in a particular at-bat, I'd count myself a dead man. I like him despite his uncanny knack to avoid drawing walks. He plays acceptable defense wherever he's put for a utility player (though his time at shortstop was really pushing it), and he's got some pop. He's a good utility player to have, and I'm muy feliz that he'll be here next year. Heck, make him the highest paid utility player in baseball.

But would it have taken 3 million a year to accomplish that?

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