Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Random, Chaotic Stuff

Couple of things I noticed and realized that I had an opinion on...

  • This one flew under my radar. Andres Galaragga, he of the 399 career home runs, has signed a minor league contract with the New York Mets, with an invitation to spring training. I really like Galaragga, and I really hope he gets his 400th homer and all, but can somebody let Andres know that he cannot run anymore? At all? For all you 42 year old baseball players just one home run shy of a milestone you don't really need, let me offer up a bit of advice: the DH is your friend. I know you were only in the American League for 253 of your 8,096 career at-bats, Andres, but don't you think the Mets will be a little leary at the prospect of you playing any defense? At all? Maybe interleague could be where Andres gets that magical number 400...too bad 400 really isn't that magical.
  • The Dodgers, apparently, are screwing around with Dodger's Stadium
  • in an attempt to add more seating. While this isn't a new idea, the effect of these new seats will introduce something new to Chavez Ravine -- less foul territory. While I'm sure that to many Giants fans everywhere inside Dodgers Stadium is "foul territory", I beg leave to point out that lessening the foul territory will increase the number of second, third, etc. chances that hitters get to say, get a base hit as opposed to say, fouling out behind the bag at 3rd base. We'll have to wait and see if these changes in the dimensions will affect Dodger's Stadium's "pitcher's park-i-ness" or not. Did I just say pitcher's park-i-ness?

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