Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Using my Powers for Good (yes, I use the term "powers" loosely)

I never thought I could be in a situation to really help someone out, but from the looks of my increased traffic (thanks to a few links and write-ups from But It's a DRY Heat, The Los Angeles Blues of Westwood, and a totally unexpected-but-appreciated one from McCovey Chronicles), I might be able to do just that.

A very good blogger by the name of Larry Mahnken, who runs a site called Replacement Level Yankees Weblog (ignore the fact that he's a Yankee fan for now, alright?), just had a fire burn down his apartment building and everything in it. Larry himself escaped unharmed -- at least, physically. Some of you may have had something similar happen to you, for myself, I can only imagine.

In any case, this situation has left Larry in a bit of a bind. However, besides just feeling bad for Larry, all of us can actually help. By clicking on the link to his site either in the paragraph above or on the sidebar, it'll lead you to Larry's excellent site. After bathing yourself in the glow of what a good writer can do (yes, read the articles, too), you can look near the top left of the site, and see a little box that says "Paypal" on it. Now, in ordinary circumstances, this would be a way to give Larry money just because you are well-to-do, like Larry or his writing, or because you've just mugged several well-to-do people, and want to give something back.

Now, however, this is a way to give Larry money because you're a nice person, and he can use a little help right now.

So, click on that Paypal link and donate -- if you have a Paypal account already, it'll be as easy as pie. If not, it'll take a bit longer. I donated 10 bucks. Many of you, I'm sure, can part with 10 bucks, too (just don't Super Size your value meals for a week or two).

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