Thursday, January 06, 2005

More freaking Dodger news

You know, I don't think I like this whole DePodesta being smart thing...

He went out and got J.D. Drew, who really was the hitter the Giants should have gotten (yes, Drew is a jerk and isn't Felipe Alou's son, but he's also not 39, didn't have horrible road splits last season, and would play a good RF at SBC).

Then, he unloaded the contract-disguised-as-the-Hindenburg, also known as Shawn Green. And he unloaded him onto a division rival to boot!

He didn't re-sign Jose Lima or Hideo-us Nomo.

Plus, it looks like Odalis Perez will rejoin the Dodgers at a modest-ish 8 million per year over 3 seasons (modest-ish compared to Eric Milton, that is). I was really, really, really hoping that Perez would sign elsewhere, because the Dodgers rotation was looking mighty un-scary before, now they look competitve.

And to top it all off, he re-signed Milton Bradley...oh, wait. Nevermind. DePodesta can't be that smart.

The Dodgers have a really good Jerk Factor going right now, what with Bradley, Drew, and Jeff Weaver all being on the club at the same time. All they need now is to fish John Rocker and Albert Belle out of retirement...

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