Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Good Stuff...

As it seems there are actually some few people interested in this blog, I feel it's a good time to point out that there are Other Blogs out there, and a few of them are pretty darned good. Allow me to point a few out specifically...

Kevin's Royals Blog is a darned good site, although Kevin's fascination with Ashlee Simpson is a bit disturbing (besides, Jessica Alba is cuter and has a much nicer butt). I even write with him occasionally, as I happen to be a huge Royals fan as well as a Giants fan (don't ask how that came about). Kevin has also just been linked to Aaron Gleeman's site (who writes for the Hardball Times), so there is obviously quite a bit of writing talent that Kevin possesses.

Knuckleball Sandwich is a Cleveland Indians blog written by David Haller, and written well by David Haller. His only flaw, besides being an Indians fan, of course, is the use of exlamation points in reference to the signing of Juan Gonzalez to a minor league contract recently (all references to Gonzo should end in question marks, since that's what good ol' Igor really is). But despite that, I like his style.

Against the Grain is a Milwaukee Brewers blog, written by Bryan Johnson. He's good enough to actually make me somewhat interested in the Brewers, which should be reason enough to stop by and take a peek. Also, he realizes what a jerk Randy Moss is, which is a sure sign of intelligence.

Unbiased Yankee Fan is...well, what team do you think Matt Morea follows, hm? Hard as it might be to believe, he actually is an unbiased Yankee fan, which earns him extra credit in my book. No blind Yankee worship here -- he's short, sweet, and to the point. Unlike myself, who's long-winded and beats around the bush, but it'd be boring if I were perfect, right?

So there you go. If you've got a Baseball Jones as bad as I do, then these sites ought to help ease the cravings. And hey, you can surprise friends and radio talk show hosts with your knowledge of other teams to boot! Definitely a win/win situation if you ask me, and it's a win/win even if you don't ask me.

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Kevin said...

You're the second person who's accused me of either being "fascinated" or "obsessed" with Ashlee Simpson. Just to clear the record, I only think she's very hot, and that her video for "LaLa" is the most badass video ever.

But obsessed/fascinated to a point of disturbingness? Not so much. To quote Ashlee at the Orange Bowl, you people make me want to (offkey voice)screeeeeeeaaaaaaam(/off-key voice).

Okay, end of sarcastic post.