Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Fights I'd like to see

It looks like the Dodgers haven't had enough of Milton Bradley yet, seeing as they signed him for another year, and he's going to make about 750K more than he did last year.

Paul DePodesta, Dodger's GM: "Yeah, Milton, you're an idiot and a jerk, and most other teams wouldn't even sign you for peanuts, but we'll give you a raise because we'd rather not put this in the hands of an arbitrator."

Bradley: "F--- you, punk. I don't need you. I'm outta here."

DePodesta: "What did you say? That kind of behavior won't be tolerated! How would you like it if I gave you another 500K, young man!?"

In other Dodger news, it seems they may also be taking a look at signing Pacers forward Ron Artest...

Really, wouldn't it be great to see Bradley and Artest pound each other into unconsciousness? And the winner, after he regains consciousness, earns an immediate match against Sydney Ponson?

Some people call Barry a jerk, but look at the stats:

Bonds: .281 JA (jerk average)/ .350 COBP(comments off-base percentage) for an APS (always pissed at somebody) of .531

Bradley: .390 JA/ .550 COBP for an APS of .940

Offensively, it's no contest -- Bradley is much more offensive than Bonds ever was.

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