Friday, January 28, 2005

The Entry About Nothing

I'm off work, and I'm off to play some more Texas Hold 'Em (wish me luck). So, no time for anything real, however, I'll make up for it with something over the weekend, likely tomorrow.

As long as I don't get beat up on River cards like I normally do, I'll be fine. %#$@*$*^$ River Cards!


Anonymous said...

It's not the River you have to watch out for, it's pocket kings. I've never won when I've gotten pocket kings. It makes me sad.

Daniel said...

Pocket kings work for me just fine. I've heard bad things about pocket aces, although having never experienced them, I can't speak from experience (I've played well over 3,000 hands, now, and have yet to get pocket aces, but I sure get deuce/seven offsuit a whole lot). Never getting pocket aces makes ME sad.

Great. Now I've got a Jones, and I've got to go to Party Poker.