Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I Think I Hate Indecision, But I'm Not Sure

Well, I would like to experiment with gameday open-threads, but Grant over at McCovey Chronicles is already doing that about as well as it can be done.

I'd like to do some live blogging as I'm watching the game, but that idea has been done as well...

Of course, I started this blog despite the fact that there were already Giants blogs out there, so...

Ah, the heck with it. I'm going to try some live bullet-blogging during the Giants game, and see where that gets me (I'm thinking I'll do updates every half-inning). Your invited to see me bumble along if you'd like, or simply come by afterwards and see what havoc I have wreaked, what chaos hath wrought, and other apocalyptic jargon spontaneously thrown in at random intervals, just to be redundant.

CAVEAT: This whole idea may be a huge, huge mistake. I'm not too smart sometimes.

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