Tuesday, April 12, 2005

What Have We Learned?

  1. The bullpen isn't good.
  2. The offense isn't good.
  3. The starters may be very good.

Now, me saying the bullpen isn't any good doesn't mean I don't think they can be adequate, but with their current makeup I cannot see how they can hope to be good. I'm still going to be looking for some changes by the time May rolls around -- Sabean can't afford to see who will "come around", because by the time they do, the Giants could be out of it. Sabean's got to be aggressive with his bullpen moves this season. If a guy stinks for a few weeks, try someone else. The only untouchable is obviously Benitez.

This time, me saying the offense isn't any good does mean I don't think they can be adequate. While the Giants 10-run and 11-run outbursts were great, they did come against a Rockies team that had already given up a 10-run and 14-run outburst to the Padres, though that was at Coors Field. I'm sure the Giants will have some days where they can put it all together, but stringing together singles with a few doubles thrown in will make it difficult to consistently put 5+ runs up on the board each night.

The starting rotation is obviously a wait-and-see proposition. While we all hope and believe that Bret Tomko, Noah Lowry, and Jerome Williams can be good, we just don't know that yet for sure. I'm also sure everyone's crossing their ears that Kirk Rueter can duplicate his first start about 30 more times, but we need more data...MORE DATA!

Schmidt has already given us enough data -- he's the same ol' Schmidt, meaning he's a Cy Young candidate already. Woody and Tomko can give us a clearer picture later today and tomorrow against the Hated Dodgers.

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