Tuesday, April 12, 2005

News, Notes, and Nincompoops

Stat Stuff Report

  • The Minnesota Twins pitching staff, through 6 games, is carrying a 6-to-1 strikeout/walk ratio. That...that...that just ain't right. To keep the Force in balance, the Rockies are bringing up the Dark Side with a k/bb ratio of 0.83. That...ain't right, either.
  • What the heck did they put into Xavier Nady's morning coffee...steroids? Okay, sorry. But Nady, after being rumored in some trade talks last season, has started off sca-orchin' hot to the tune of a 1.221 OPS.
  • Those Diamondbacks are running a team line of .316/.390/.560, which sounds like a good bet for Carlos Beltran's final line this season. The Rockies pitching staff has Arizona beat, however, as they are allowing opponents to tee off to the tune of a .995 OPS, to go along with a staff WHIP of 2.14! In layman's terms, the Rockies are allowing an average of two baserunners every inning. As Inspector Gadget would say, wowser.
  • Are you getting the impression by now that the Rockies pitching staff isn't very good? Remember, they have been away from Coors for 4 of their 7 games, so it could actually get worse. Egad.
  • And the "I Was Barry Bonds for Six Games" award goes to...it's a tie between Pat Burrell of the Philadelphia Phillies, and Joe Randa of the Kansas Cit...dangit, sorry...Joe Randa of the Cincinatti Reds, who both ran an OPS of over 1.400 during their team's first six games.

On another note, I am an Evil Genius. I conspired and plotted to gain myself a new, free Giants jersey ($80) and a new, free Giants hat ($20). How did I do this, you ask...hm? Well, my plan was nefarious and devious, and consisted of me taking my Ma to look at refrigerators and washing machines for her new home, then buying her a new cellphone for her upcoming birthday, then buying her a nice coffee drink at the mall, all before I sprung my trap! I then casually mosied on into a sports apparel store, picked up a Ray Durham jersey, commented on it being "nice", and the rest is history! I even got her to spring for a hat!

So you see, it only cost me $171 worth of cellphone and $10 worth of coffee to acquire $100 worth of new Giants apparel! I'm a genius!

Or, a nincompoop. Happy Early Birthday, Ma.


Mitchell said...

Sweet choice on the Durham jersey. I always wanted #5 in little league and Durham is my kind of player. Although he might have a little competition now in the jersey department from Omar.

Daniel said...

I must be brutally honest, Mitchell -- the Durham was 2nd choice, as they did not have a Schmidt jersey in my size.

But I am happy with the Durham jersey, especially if he plays at least 145 games this season.