Monday, April 25, 2005

Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good

Every good blog should have a reference to Run D.M.C. in at least one of their entries, right?

Well, the title is fitting, for while the Giants only won one game of this three game set against the Brewers, I saw some things that I liked. And for once, I'm going to concentrate on the good stuff. I'll start with Saturday's game:

  • I really like bullet points. Just thought I'd let you all know that.
  • Welcome, Dr. Jeckyll. Brett Tomko's better half showed up on Saturday. It wasn't a dominant game, but it was decent, and it was galaxies better than his other starts. For some reason, with Tomko's velocity, I'm always expecting better strikeouts numbers. Gotta shake that.
  • Yorvit Torrealba got to play! In light of Mike Matheny's recent slump that has brought him back to more Matheny-ish offensive levels, this was a refreshing thing. Yorvit took advantage, falling a triple short of the cycle (not that it makes any difference) and driving in a couple. One might think that with Matheny and the entire offense struggling at the plate, and Torry having a great offensive game, that Felipe Alou might see fit to play Yorvit the next day. Uh, no. Non. Nyet. Matheny laced 'em up on Sunday, and promptly went 0-4 in a game the Giants lost by 2 runs. (insert long, drawn out sigh here)
  • Wow, so this is what it's like to have a, I'd heard stories and all, but...
  • Yeah. Can't stay all positive, though, because issuing 3 walks in 2 2/3rds innings pitched just isn't the way to shut the door on the opposing team, but Armando Benitez made up for that with a dominating 1 2/3rds innings for the save.
  • Hey, how does Jim Brower end up with a hold when he didn't get an out, and took all of four pitches to walk the one batter he faced? Oh, sorry, I forgot...positivity. My bad.

Sunday's game, which I didn't have the opportunity to watch:

  • Can somebody tell me how in the name of Snuffaluffagus that J.T. Snow got a steal? Was it a straight steal, or was it a blown pickoff. Maybe a blown hit-and-run with a bad throw to 2nd? I need deeeetails, man, details!
  • Jason Christiansen wasn't horrible, and this is good.
  • Jason Ellison is still swinging a good bat.
  • The team drew seven walks, three of them coming from Michael Tucker.
  • Jerome Williams struck out five while walking none. Too bad about allowing all those hits and runs, though.
  • Moises Alou officially is a member of the Giants after contributing to the cause with a deep fly. Welcome aboard, Moises.

It's good to see a chink in the Dodgers armor, finally, as the Rockies decided that they wanted to be a better team than the Pittsburgh Pirates and took two of three from L.A. The Giants position isn't looking as bad as their record, really, as the Padres have lost three straight to the Diamondbacks, and the Diamondbacks, while tough, can't really be expected to hold a record above .500 while being outscored by their opponents. Something would have to give their sooner or later, unless Arizona decides they want to be the 2003 Royals.

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Anonymous said...

Snow SB was the back end of a double steal.