Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Word To Their Mothers

Yep, got those pesky Dodgers outta the way.

What? We gotta play 'em again? Aw, rats.

Good stuff from today's 4-2 Giants victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers:

  • Those that were worried about Jason Schmidt after that spring training drubbing he took a couple of weeks ago, worry no longer. Schmidt is still the s***.
  • Nice start for the leaner, meaner Edgardo Alfonzo. A triple short of the cycle (and hey, maybe being slimmer means he could actually leg one out).
  • The infield defense looked as advertised, especially later on after a nice, nice block of a breaking ball by Mike Matheny from Scott Eyre, and especially after the exquisite double play turned by Ray Durham and OMAR VIZQUEL (gotta capitalize his name after that play), leaping over the hardly tolerated Jeff Kent to turn two for Armando Benitez.

Stuff not so good:

  • Nothing. It's Opening Day, and the Giants won, and the Giants beat the Dodgers. I can say nothing negative. After the game tomorrow, though, all deals are off.

The Dodgers' infield defense didn't look so good after Jose Valentin botch a tough-ish grounder from Moises Alou in the 7th, a play that most would say Adrian Beltre would've handled (a dumb statement, seeing as how everybody makes mistakes sometime...but yeah, Beltre would've handled it). The 8th inning and the Giants final run was simply a bit of stupidity rather than bad defense, when Giovanni Carrera's attempt at making the fielding of a routine bunt much harder worked to perfection.

One down, only 161 to go. Piece o' cake, right?

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