Thursday, May 12, 2005

Can't Win for Losin'

Yay! Noah Lowry turned in a decent start!

But the Giants only scored two runs.

This is pretty easy, actually. The Giants allowed the worst offense in the NL to hit three home runs off of them, and they lost. Every dog has his day, and the Pirates had a day to whoop up on the Giants to the tune of 7-2.

These things happen, so it is up to us, the fans, to not overreact to every loss simply because they may have seemed unlikely in the beginning. Even a 100-loss team wins about 60 games, and the Pirates...heck, they have almost as mediocre a record as the Giants do. So, in essence, don't get your panties up in a bunch.

I'll do that for you. (Crap, stupid Pirates, hitting freaking three freaking home runs and taking two of three in the freaking series, putting the Giants under freaking .500 again)

Yeah. Let's move on, shall we?

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