Sunday, May 22, 2005

More Loose Changes

I've mucked around with the sidebar some more. Here's a rundown of the muck-a-muck...

I've added the date at the top of the sidebar. You know, in case you're wondering what today is, and don't feel like expending the calorie's worth of energy it takes to roll your mouse to your clock in the right-hand corner of the screen to let the date pop up on its own. You might need that calorie somewhere in the day, and you'll have me to thank.

I've added a button that links to a calendar on which I will post the Giants schedule. It's one of those things 95% of you won't really need, but it might come in handy for a few of you every now and then, so it's there if a need arises. I've only got the rest of May's schedule on there right now, but I'll add the rest of the season within the next week or so. Until I get off my lazy arse, the times for the games will be in Eastern Standard, so count three hours back for the month of May. The rest of the schedule will be in good ol' Pacific Standard...or Daylight, or whatever. Just turn on the freaking t.v. at the freaking time I put on there starting with June, 'kay?

Oh, and the button for the calendar is right after my music/author listings on the sidebar.

I've also added some Bravenet buttons, which, if anyone wakes up one morning with a pain in your neck and a strange craving to start a weblog or diary with Bravenet, can take someone to Bravenet to start up a free account with them -- which means I'll be making a buck or two.

Lastly, I'll be removing the link to the Baseball News Blog, as the owner of the site isn't going to continue updating it anymore. I never knew who was running the site and I don't know why he (or she) quit, but I wish that person the best of luck. It was a good concept.

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