Friday, May 20, 2005

Okay, NOW I'm saying, "I told you so"

Dustin Hermanson. Look at them thar stats.

I'm not going to try and sell the idea that the Giants should've actually wandered down the road of my January musings that Hermanson could've served as the Giants closer this year (though I did think Hermanson showed he had the ability late last year, and I wrote about it here), but I will hold up a banner that says it was stupid not to re-sign him.

Oh, well. I'm crying, and there's milk on the floor.


Anonymous said...

Tim Worrell
Joe Nathan
Dustin Hermanson

3 years, 3 closer injuries, three Plans B allowed to migrate.



Daniel said...

Yeah, you would think that Sabes would've tried one of those guys more than not-at-all (Nathan), a couple of months (Hermanson), or a year (Worrell).

Sabean seems to feel that he HAS to be wheeling and dealing, or else he's not doing his job.

Hey, Sabes! Sometimes standing pat is the answer!

Anonymous said...

And, it's not like the rest of the bullpen was overflowing with talent when these guys were shown the door. I understand that bullpens, generally, are composed of guys not good enough to start every 5th game. But they don't necessarily have to be composed of a closer and a bunch of future cast members of the Surreal Life.