Saturday, May 28, 2005

Re-arranging furniture

I've made a few cosmetics changes. As you are totally enslaved to my every move, I have no doubt as to your curiousity as to what these changes are. Follow me, then...

I've added another quality Giants link, and it's called Trapped In L.A., written by Aneel Trivedi. Aneel and I have already swapped paint on an issue or two, but unlike all you other jerks that disagree with me (kidding), it's obvious Aneel brings some IQ to the table. I will say that my blog is superior in that it is less fattening than Aneel's, and has less carbs.

I've separated Royals links into their own category, and added a few new ones. The Royals OP-ED Page is written by Clark Fosler. Like me, he's fairly new, but he's hit the ground running, providing some nice information and insight. Royal's Review is a new Sportsblogs site, and I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that if Blez from the ridiculously popular Athletic's Nation someone is talented enough to run a Sportsblogs site, then chances are he's right. The Pipeline is a newbie as well, but I like what I've seen thus far.

Go check 'em out and lend your support. As always, the Royals won't hurt you. In a sense, isn't the worst team in baseball almost as interesting as the best team in baseball? (excuse me, extreme depression moment...okay, I'm fine. My other fave teams sucks really, really badly)

On another note, this blog just limped past the 8,000 hit mark yesterday. I started the counter on December 30th, it's May 29th today, so...that's roughly 1600 hits/month, or 50+ hits per day. About 40 of those 50 hits are different people with the other 10 hits being people that are bouncing around the site in an effort to gauge exactly how stupid I can be (hope you guys got calculators). I've noticed an upswing in the last couple of weeks, as I've been busting my butt...alright, busting my fingers in an effort to put out something everyday to draw in a few extra visitors on the weekends. Also running around voicing my opinions on blogs bigger and better than mine seems to help a bit as well. Interesting stuff.

And finally, we come to the baseball game yesterday. In the immortal words of Damon Wayans and David Allen Grier from the In Living Color skit "Men On Films"...

Hated It!

Tyler Walker is trying to single-handedly make me look a bigger fool than I normally do, because after I've defended him as a decent relief pitcher on various different sites, he goes and blows two consecutive games in non-save situations. Feast or famine.

It doesn't have to be famine, Tyler. We'll be happy with some bread and water if you can't provide us with filet mignon. Heck, we'll even take government cheese if we have to...

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