Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Wait for it...wait...steady...hold...

There are a few things I want to say about the Giants right now, but I'm going to hold off saying them until I can at least see the results of today's game vs. the Colorado Rockies. If the Giants lose again tonight...well, let's not think about that, shall we?

I'm expecting Noah Lowry to be sent down after last night's performance. Anything else, really, is just stupid. It was nice to hope after last year's stint, but he is not a major league pitcher right now. Quite frankly, it's time to roll the dice, Brian Sabean. If the Giants GM has any clue as to why he's holding a few good arms in his minor league system, now is the time to find out. Is he holding them as big pieces in a potential trade? Are they his aces in the hole? Are they the axe in the "In Case of Emergency, Break Open Glass" case?

Trading any of their young pitching prospects would be tantamount to applying for a job teaching Stupidity 101, of course. Given how uncertain the Giants immediate future looks, trading away pieces that could potentially see the Giants maintain a competitive team post-Barry (possibly as early as next season, folks) would be asinine.

We'll see what Sabes does, but if he doesn't see that the time is past for hoping that a simple tune-up will help the Giants engine run smoothly, then I'll start to believe that Sabean is a mediocre GM whose reputation is entirely based on the fortunes of Barry Bonds, and has no merits of his own to stand upon.

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