Friday, May 27, 2005

I am a Liar, and should be treated as such

Hm. Late night last night involving vodka-cranberries and beer, and the Arizona bullpen analysis didn't get wrote...written...wrotten...whatever. I said it'd be up today, and I lied. My bad.

It'll be up tomorrow, unless I'm lying to you again. Or, is anyone up for a quickie analysis?

  • me looK at dBAck bulpn and thInk it GOOOOOOOOD.

No dice, huh? Alright, real one tomorrow. I promise.

Last night's game went exactly as I expected it would. Brad Penny, good pitcher, dominates Giants offense. Encouraging things, along with discouraging things:

  • Arizona and San Diego did another flip-flop last night, meaning the Giants only lose half a game. I don't like flip-flops as footwear, but I like them when they mean that the Padres and D-Backs beat each other up and let the Giants creep up on them a little.
  • I was able to watch the first few innings (with my usual luck, catching all of the lowlights of every game I partially watch), and was pleasantly surprised that Kirk Rueter was able to hold those Dodgers down. Still issuing more walks than strikeouts, though, and that will continue to be a scary thing to watch.
  • Well, looks like Tyler Walker isn't the savior after all. I hate him...alright, kidding. But when Walker is bad, he's Bad with a capital Crap-Can't-You-Get-Anybody-Out? sort of Bad. He's like a walking time-pitching-bomb that's set to give up massive run-hemorrhaging every 6th appearance or something.
  • We all know what'll happen if Deivi Cruz were to play everyday, right? Same thing that happened to Jason Ellison when he played everyday -- that beautiful OPS will come a-crashin' back down to Earth. Regardless, Cruz is really hitting well, but the Giants really don't have anywhere to stick him to try and take advantage of his hot hitting -- except when the Giants are on the road during interleague. You hear that, Father Alou? There's your freaking DH right there!

Now come the San Diego Religious People. The pitching matchups slightly favor the Giants if Jason Schmidt is indeed back to form. By virtue of his solid start, Brad Hennessey holds the advantage over somewhat disappointing Padres starter Brian Lawrence in today's game. Tomorrow, the matchup looks to be about even, as Tim Stauffer goes for San Diego and the Giants counter with Noah Lowry. Stauffer has pitched well so far in his rookie season, but with only three starts thus far this year hasn't been proven. Lowry has been poor for the most part, but is coming off a very good start in his last appearance vs. Oakland. Sunday's game will be the marquee game, as Schmidt goes against Adam Eaton, who looks as if he's in the middle of his breakout season at 27 years old.

Tonight's game is at 7:15pm, tomorrow's and Sunday's games are at 1:05pm.

Chance to really insert themselves back into the race for the Giants, and a chance to push back on of the teams breathing down their neck for the Padres.

Who will take it? Who's cuisine reigns supreme? Oh, wait, sorry -- Iron Chef flashback.

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