Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Winds of Change...or, just being upwind of the Waste Management Facility instead of downwind

Alright! A win!

And, my clever use of the Reverse Curse(tm) saw to it that Jeff Fassero turned in a decent start. Expect the worst, loudly and negatively, and the best is much more likely to happen. However, don't go overusing the Reverse Curse(tm), because it loses its potency when used too often.

Other positive vibes:

  • Man, Ray Durham is just h-h-hot at the plate. And I won't even mention his low SLG this time, either -- I'm just happy he's hitting, even if it's just singles and doubles. He's still got more walks than strikeouts on the season.
  • Of the Giants 10 hits yesterday, three of them were courtesy of J.T. Snow, who had been slumping when he's not been hurt. He's had a bit of a power outage as well so far this season, but again, if it's got to be singles and doubles mixed in with some walks at this point, I'll take it.
  • Bullpen did its job, topped off by Tyler Walker, who seems to be settling into the closer role rather nicely. He's got a 3.68 ERA in the month of May.

Nice to get a win, but again, the Giants have got to win this series to carry a bit of momentum into the division games vs. the Dodgers and Padres, both of whom lost yesterday along with the Diamondbacks. The Giants did pick the best day to win one -- they got a game back on all three of the teams in front of them and remain within shouting distance at 5 1/2 games back of San Diego.

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