Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Rockies Pirate Picture Show

As El Lefty pointed out last night on his site, the Giants have been beating up on the Pittsburgh Pirates and Colorado Rockies (8-1 vs.), while getting beat up on by all the other teams they've played (7-14).

Other interesting (or boring) tidbits:
  • The Giants are 11-5 in games decided by two runs or less, going 7-4 in games decided by only one run. Meanwhile, they've gone 5-6 in blowout games (decided by four runs or more).
  • The Giants have been held to two runs or less nine times, while doing the same to the opposition six times.
  • The Giants have had four explosions of double digit runs (three coming against the Rockies), while allowing their opponents to score 10 runs or more twice.
  • The Giants are 3rd in the NL in runs scored per game, while they are 3rd to last in runs allowed per game. Ah, symmetry.
  • The Giants are +1 in their Pythagorean record (given the Giants runs scored and runs allowed, their expected record is 15-16).
  • The Giants have gone 16-0 in games where they've scored more runs than their opponent. Sorry, just making sure you were paying attention.

Not the most scintillating entry, I know, but I'm still a bit off-kilter from the move. The only Giants games I've been able to watch was the last, oh, 15 seconds of Brett Tomko's complete game last night (which was the shortest game in Mays Field/SBC Park history), and the Nationals scoring the final four runs in the game Saturday...proving that, once again, I have the worst timing in the known universe. Miss all the good stuff, catch all of the bad stuff.

By the way, Jeff Fassero gets the start for the Giants today. On one hand, if you feel like praying, it couldn't hurt. On the other hand, this is the Pirates we're talking about...nevermind, go ahead and pray. Mantra: five strong innings, five strong innings...

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