Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Biggest IF Ever...

If, that is, IF the Giants are to make any noise in what's remaining this season, it'll start with today's game.

(this line drawn in the sand brought to you by Daniel. Come to Daniel for all your line-drawing-in-sand-thingie needs...that is, if you ever actually need some line-drawy-thingie-in-sandy-something...ever.)

Brad Hennessey gives up four early runs in nasty fashion, with four straight balls crushed by the 8th, 9th (yes, the pitcher), 1st, and 2nd places in the Phillies order, the first three being doubles, the last being a no doubt home run by Jimmie Rollins.

This is an area where it's easy to give up, dial it in, clock out early, prematurely ejacu...nevermind.

In any case, the Giants did none of those things, coming back with a walk, a single, and two home runs -- a three-run, oppo field jack by J.T. Snow (guess his power ain't all gone, huh?), and a nice solo shot by Son Alou immediately following to tie the game.

Still work to do, obviously, as Hennessey promptly gives up another double and a hard-hit single (prompting me to promptly desire for Father Alou to promptly get somebody up in the bullpen), but the response from the team was what I was looking for, and it's what I got. There's some life left in them yet...

I just wish there was the talent and skill to go along with it.

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