Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The New Era Begins Today

Sounds dramatic, no?

Well, it does. Begin, that is. New Era. All that. Mark this day...or don't, if you don't feel like it. Matters not to me. I'm going to mark it, and if it turns out I'm wrong about it being the beginning of the New Era, I'll just come back to this entry and delete this part of the post.

Marquis Grissom and Edgardo Alfonzo go on the DL. The timing of this leaves me suspicious for no real reason -- these two had to be at or near the top of Brian Sabean's trade list, and now they're out of action. Regardless, I can't see either of these two here next year. Grissom won't be re-signed, and I'm sure Sabes will pay large portions of Fonzie's contract to get him outta there.


Jesse Foppert takes the hill against the Minnesota Twins today, and I don't want to see him sent down the rest of this year. Keep him here, and keep him starting. This is a great opportunity to have Foppert in a situation with less pressure, so that he can get comfortable and show what kind of pitcher he may be with the big club.

Todd Linden has been called up in place of Grip, and he ought to get some chances -- real chances -- to show if that Fresno line of .319/.537/.681 really means something. I'm sure it means, at least, that he can hit better than Grissom, and probably better than Michael Tucker as well.

The Giants also brought up Adam Shabala from Fresno, but I know nothing about him except his line: .286/.390/.484, and that he bats lefty. He's 27 years old, and likes puppy dogs and hummingbirds...alright, I threw in that last part just to see if you were paying attention. You are, right? Can you hear me now? Good!

As far as winning tonight's game, well, call me pessimistic if you wish, but as the Twins have Johan Santana on the hill tonight -- you'll understand if I'm a bit leery of going all Joe Namath on you, right?

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