Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Veterans and Rookies

I've made a few changes to that thar sidebar, and I'll tell you what they are.

The first one is David Pinto's Baseball Musings. It took me way too long to link this site, as I've seen links to it on a bunch of different baseball sites. Then, I actually went there and read a bit, and found out I'd been missing out. David covers a wide variety of topics, mostly in short, sweet entries. If you've a hankering for some good analysis, or just wondering what's going on around the majors, you should make his site a daily stop -- and sometimes, stop by two or three times, as David makes entries on whatever comes to his mind throughout the day.

The second is a newbie, but one of the most interesting debuts I've seen for the year or so I've really been reading blogs. It's called Bleeding Black & Orange, and it's a freaking cornocop...how do you spell that...corn-o-cope-ee-uh of Giants fun, as author Anthony Di Giorgio (yeah, I know, he sounds like a frickin' male runway model or something) has everything from rundowns on each player (why he likes 'em, why he doesn't), to black and orange illustrations to illustrate his entries, to the coolest hit counter any of us have ever seen (yes, you too -- you're thinking you've seen a cooler hit counter, but really you haven't).

Doesn't hurt that we share part of a name, too -- Orange & Black, Black & Orange. With those colors embedded within the name, there just isn't any possibility of the site...you know, sucking, or anything like that.

I've also removed a few links for a couple of sites which have been idle for well over a month -- if any of you are reading this, please contact me if you start things back up, and I'll link you back up in a jiffy. One of them is Steve Shelby's Giants News Diary, which, if you'll pardon me, is a site who's absense will cause me to shed a tear or two. Ridiculously useful site, and I hope whatever caused Steve to cease updating isn't anything too serious.

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Bud said...

Pinto is one of the best, you can't go wrong reading his stuff.