Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The New Era Begins...uh, today?

The New Era begins today.

If that sounds familiar, well, it's because I said that yesterday. But yesterday the Giants lost again, and everybody knows you can't start a new era, not mention a New Era, with a loss. Especially not a loss where one of the big pieces of the New Era goes 0-5 with three strikeouts (Todd Linden, I'm looking at you, bubba).

And having another big piece of the New Era scratched from the lineup after fouling a ball off his toe in batting practice? No, New Eras don't start on days like that.

Part of it went as planned, at least, with Jesse Foppert turning in one of those keep-'em-in-the-game performances: five innings pitched, five walks, two earned runs allowed...wait a minute, five walks in five innings? Gotta work on that.

While some might want to blame the bullpen for the loss, I beg leave to point out that it'd be difficult for any bullpen to get through five innings without allowing a run. The Giants bullpen pitched five innings last night, allowing the one game-winning run. Good job. The Giants offense, though, leaves much to be desired. Last night it was Ray Durham and a Bunch of Dudes.

It's times like these that make me happy I've been a Kansas City Royals fan for the majority of my life, and especially the last 10 years. Giants fans are used to winning, so regardless of the circumstances surrounding it, losing is taken poorly.

Me? The other half of my baseball Jones has been doing almost nothing but losing since 1995. The way I look at it, the Royals having been losing to prepare me for the year it all come crashing down, so that I can look at the Giants losing ways with a collective mouth twist, eyebrow quirk, and deep, emotion-draining sigh.

It'll seem odd that the Royals Recap I'll be doing on Thursday will actually be the happy entry of the week.

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Aneel said...

It was by far, the Giants best loss of the year. Foppert (minus the walks) looked good, and they knocked some hits off the AL's best pitcher... I didn't feel dirty after the game, which is nice. The MVP of yesterday's game was Deivi Cruz though, don't you think? Durham hit, but Cruz made some amazing plays at third, especially for a guy who hasn't played much at the hot corner.