Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Random Stuff

The "Get Jason Ellison more at-bats than Marquis Grissom" campaign, by the way, was a success, thanks in large part to Grissom's DL-ing last month. With the release of Matt Herges (I injured myself doing backflips over this), I can't help but wonder if Grip will be far behind. Perhaps Brian Sabean is finally losing patience with some of these guys...

Update: did you guys see that play from Elly in the 6th of the game vs. the Phillies today? Holy Mother of Pearl, what a play! Ellison's been showing off his solid outfield arm recently, getting two outfield assists in the last week. He's got his faults, sure, but this is one gamble that really shouldn't be a gamble -- Grissom's got to be jettisoned/traded/waived/shown into the old folks home when he comes off the DL. This team, in the situation they're in, cannot afford to see if Grip can come out of his early-season anemic hitting while 9 games back. Thanks for the memories, Grip, you were a "good Giant".

I'd like to thank the four people so far who have used the banners on that thar sidebar to make a purchase, and for the 58 other people who have taken the time to shop Amazon directly from this site so far in the two weeks it's been up. That also affords me the opportunity to remind everyone of the search box. On the right. About 1/5th of the way down. It's black and white. Can't miss it. Says "" right on it.

Another update: (sigh) LaTroy Hawkins is fitting right in, yessirree.

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