Saturday, June 25, 2005

Get Rid of Sanchez -- NOW

Another idiotic pickup by Brian Sabean.

I'm watching Alex Sanchez' first game, and throwing up in my mouth just a little.

He's misplayed a ball hit off of the wall by Eric Chavez, dropping the ball about 3 times when he could've had a play on Chavez coming into 2nd base.

Then, he dropped a gimme, routine fly ball after he had come to a full stop.

And then, he was in on a routine flyball along with Jason Ellison, and not only didn't peel off and let Ellison have the play, like a RF is supposed to do with the CF, but his glove ended up bumping into Ellison's glove, causing Ellison to drop the ball.

Oh, and he's 0-3 at the plate, too.

Sabean, you're &#$%&* brilliant. Great move. This one is even worse than the LaTroy Hawkins acquisition.

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