Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Divided Allegiance

On the eve of the three game series between the San Francisco Giants and the Kansas City Royals, I find myself with some mixed feelings.

These are my two favorite teams. They have played before, but I've never had the opportunity to even see any of those few games on television. This is the first time I'll be able to see a game live, and even with that, I'm going to miss today's game in addition to Thursday's game while at work (I just accepted a new job today that'll hopefully take care of some of my constant and irritating schedule conflicts with things that really matter...like baseball).

Wednesday's game will be viewed by yours truly, and it'll be viewed as up close and personal as I can manage. I'll be at Wednesday's game, by myself, to insure that I can get the best possible ticket as close to the action as possible. I'm going to try and get there very early to see some batting practice and see if I can't get an autograph or two.

But, whatever shall I wear? Those of you who have clicked on my blogger profile lately have probably seen the split picture I sport there with both Giants and Royals gear on. I've considered wearing one, I've considered wearing the other, I've considered wearing both (and looking a damned fool while doing it).

I've been a longer tenured Royals fan than a Giants fan (26 years vs. 18 years), but while it's been much more difficult to follow the Royals until the last couple of years (and the miracle of high-speed Internet, MLB.tv and MLB Audio), it's been easy to follow the Giants and know their teams better than the Royals' teams.

In reality, I know what has to happen in these three games -- Giants taking at least 2 of 3, or sweeping. The Royals season is finished like Michael Jackson's career, so they can stand another couple/few losses, unlike the Giants. I guess it's more the manner of those losses that worries me; yes, the Royals must lose the series, but I want them to make a competitive showing in all three games. (I keep getting this Al Davis vibe, "The Royals must go down, and they must go down hard.")

Those who have heard me yammer over the prowess of Mike Sweeney will get to see him up close for what may be the first time -- his production has slipped a bit lately, which is a bit odd because the Royals offense has been putting up some runs recently. The Giants should definitely take the last game of the series, because Jose Lima, for some reason, is being allowed to start Thursday's game. The first two, with D.J. Carrasco and Runelvys Hernandez starting, might be a tad more difficult. Carrasco has been starting for the Royals this year after being primarily a bullpen guy (and a shaky one at that), but has done well in two of his three starts. Hernandez has struggled for the most part this year, especially with his control. It's a wait-and-see with him, however, as he is coming off Tommy John surgery. His last start against the Texas Rangers was a good one.

Well, if any of you happen to go to the game Wednesday or are watching on television, if you see a guy with a Royals and Giants jersey on, you'll know it's me. I'll look a fool, but I'm leaning towards wearing both jerseys.

I think it's the only way to be true to myself.


Aneel said...

You should make a KC/SF hat, like those silly a's/giants hats! i'll be glued to my TV on Wednesday night, hopefully I'll catch a glimpse of the only KC/SF fan out there.

Keith Murray ("Sorearms") said...

Hey, I was about to suggest you wear the Royals gear because doing so last year got you on TV from the Oakland Coliseum (yeah, I know that was different - no divided allegiances as is the case here). But nevertheless it got ya on national tv. So why not again? But then I saw the idea (and Aneel's hat idea) of combining both - and that would get ya on TV too, maybe! So go for it! Even though I was reared as a child about 11 miles from Chavez Ravine and have it deep in my blood NEVER to accept Giants' colors.

At any rate, thanks for the blog, moon, and enjoy the game!

Keith Murray ("Sorearms") said...

Well, I just came back to your blog to see which game you were attending and you say Wednesday. And you say by yourself. So since this is Tuesday I guess that wasn't you they just showed on RSTN. Two guys, one rather large and a diet candidate, were in the stands. The bigger guy was bringing back food to his seat and had a Royals shirt under a Royals jacket. Split said "There's one of ours." Then he quickly added, "There's one of yours, too. What's with that hat action?" I quickly looked at the second guy, seated, and he had a SF cap on and I THINK a Royals shirt! But before I could look at his face, the picture was gone, so I came back to the blog to see which game you were going to. Since you say Wed., I guess this wasn't you, but the dual-gear trick may be already used and it may be harder to get on RSTN tomorrow with it. But feel free to try!!!!

Daniel said...

Hey fellas...

I've figured it out -- I'll be wearing my nice Giants jersey on the outside, my Royals jersey and t-shirt underneath with the Giants hat on.

It'll be even -- two articles of clothing apiece, and the black, orange, and royal blue ought to clash enough to give me a chance to get my ugly mug on t.v. again.

Keith, you've got to count me lucky that I'm not catching the Lima start. Egads!