Monday, June 13, 2005

Worst Team

I've been dancing around this for a bit, but then I looked down, and noticed I had tennis shoes on, not patent leather.

San Francisco Giants, worst team in the...National League. No, I won't say they're the worst in all of baseball, yet, but the Kansas City Royals smacked them around in 2 of 3 games while in SBC, and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays do have Lou Piniella for a manager, who is good for throwing some sort of tantrum and forcing his team to win 5 of 6 or something.

And yes, the Colorado Rockies do currently sport a worst record than the Giants by four games.

But last I checked, the Rockies have managed to win six of their last 10. The Royals have won seven of 12 under their new manager, and the Devil Rays...well, they've been horrible, but they've won two of their last 10 games, just like the Giants have.

Have any of those teams lost 14 of their last 16 games? Nope.

The Rockies have lost 11 of their last 16, the Royals have lost 10 of their last 16, and the Devil Rays?

They've managed to only lose 12 of their last 16 games.

So having represented the worst stretch in baseball in the last 10% of the season, you might understand why I don't see the current losing trend changing anytime soon, and perhaps projecting that within the next few weeks the Giants could easily have the worst record in baseball.

Luckily I worked this weekend, so I only saw one of the three losses that the Indians hung on the Giants -- again, in San Francisco. I start my new job in about 10 days, so then I can see more of the losses.

Oh, joy.

The Giants currently have the worst offense in the NL. Only the Washington Nationals and Milwaukee Brewers average less runs per game, but the Nats have that whole 1st-place-in-their-division thingie to console them should they feel a bit down about it, and the Brewers -- well, nobody projected them to bring home a division title now, did they?

Only three teams have allowed more runs than the Giants, and those teams are the Diamondbacks, the Reds, and the Rockies. I'd be joyous that the Giants aren't dead last in this category, but since those three teams all play in hitter's parks while the Giants supposedly play in a pitcher's park, you'll understand if that fails to soothe me.

I've never expected much out of this team as it currently stands, but becoming acclimated to winning does strange things to your brain. Even though logic tells you that they won't be any good, your brain will convince you otherwise based on a series of hopes and what-ifs. This team's winning percentage is about what we should've expected given the circumstances. But geez, win more than two of 16 games, will ya?

Okay, well that's enough of that.

I'm having major computer problems, so while I hope to post daily, I may not be allowed to. I'm putting this entry up after I thought I'd eliminated the problems about four different ways, but they keep coming back -- I can't find the program that's regenerating the problem. How did I get this problem? Sing it with me now...

(music) Looking for porn in all the wrong places, looking for porn in too many... (uh, end music)

Did I actually just write that?

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