Saturday, September 10, 2005

Am I the only one?

Is anyone else erasing the pencil that Matt Cain's name was written in for next season's rotation, and replacing it with Matt Cain's name in permanent marker?

If not, you ought to be thinking about it. Here's to hoping Brian Sabean's thinking about it, too. I wouldn't necessarily think it a stupid move to have Cain continue his apprenticeship in Fresno -- it's certainly the safer move -- but all Cain's done is go from pitching solidly, to very well, to absolutely great in three starts.

And far be it from me to go with a sample size of three starts and 21 innings pitched as some kind of indicator of what Cain will do in his major league career (and the .407 OPS against, and the .67 WHIP), but we're certainly seeing his potential right now. He should get four more starts to show off.


Andrew said...

Ooop, sorry for basically duplicating your post, Daniel. Looks like great minds think alike. :)

Daniel said...

I'll live, I think.