Thursday, September 01, 2005

An oversight

I had given some sad news about a Phillies blogger quitting the other day, but forgot to balance that with some good news.

Well, here it is -- Kevin Agee is back in full force, writing again at his old spot, Kevin's Royals Blog.

He was over at Kaufmann's Confidential for a while (it's part of, but didn't seem to click over there, so back to his original blog he goes (with an updated look).

This is one of the blogs I'd really recommend -- if any of you read Aaron Gleeman's site, then you might know what I mean. I read Aaron's site not because I have any particular liking for the Minnesota Twins, the team he writes about most of the time there, but because Aaron is simply a very good writer. My friend Mel once said she just loved well-written information, almost regardless of what it's about -- I'm pretty similar to her in that regard.

So, even if you're not a Royals fan (what? I haven't converted any of you yet?), I think many of you can and would find Kevin's site an enjoyable read. It's always my first stop when I begin to make my (almost) daily rounds of baseball blogs.

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