Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Thought for next season...

While I'm sure we all believe that Randy Winn will come back to Earth in some fashion next season, here's a question for you -- why, when the man is pumping out extra-base hits like John Kruk pumps out nonsense, would you bat him at the top of the order? Wouldn't it be nice, Father Alou, if Winn was batting 2nd or 3rd, when those extra-baggers would be knocking in runs if anyone was on base?

At the least next season, barring some major change in the Giants personnel, I'd suggest that Omar Vizquel and Winn flop places in the order, and that Ray Durham bat 3rd instead of either Pedro Feliz or Snow. That way, the order could look like this:

Vizquel (.339 OBP this year)

For some people, I'm sure they flip-flop Feliz and Snow because of Feliz's advantage in power, but I put Snow ahead of Feliz simply because he stands less of a chance of getting out than Feliz does. Feliz (and Matheny, for that matter), are feast/famine hitters, and putting a better OBP guy in front of them means that when they do hit their extra-baggers, that there's more chance of someone being on base to drive in.

Of course, I'd rather have a new slugging 1st baseman next year instead of Snow, but that's a discussion for another time. I'm working under the assumption that Snow's "veteran leadership" and his "defensive wizardry" will be enough for Brian Sabean to re-sign him for one more year.

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