Friday, September 02, 2005

Disaster Relief

Contribute to help relieve the disaster that was Hurricane Katrina.

There are a ton of ways to do it -- if you haven't done it already, you either are financially incapable (nothing wrong with that), aren't going to do it even though you could (inexcusable), might just need a little push.


I've done it through Paypal, throwing in 20 bucks. It takes about three clicks if you've already got a Paypal account, and if you don't, it'll take a bit longer to set up a Paypal account so that you can contribute.

Either way, it is worth it. It's more than worth it, it's necessary. This disaster has left people living on the coast of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama without the means to help themselves -- when everything you have has been wiped out, it is no shame to have to turn to other for support.

It's not only my priviledge to help, it's my duty. After all, maybe we will need help one day. Everyone eventually does.

Update: We've got a big heart in Bigfly, who's sitting a little light right now but still found his way to giving $20. If he's sitting light and can give $20, then I can do more than that. I'm going to throw in $30 more. Thanks, Bigfly.


bigfly71 said...

Sadly I fall under the financially incapable, but I'm still going to give $20, I'll just have to skip a few meals this week. I just wish I wasn't already so skinny. But there is no way anyone who has seen the devastation down there, can not give something. It has to be done, and I hope everyone in the Giants community will take the time to do so.

Grant said...

I was saving all the ad money from McCovey Chronicles in a PayPal account to buy a 30Gb iPod, and was about halfway there. There are more important things than iPods, I've learned. If all that comes out of the donation is one hot meal for one person, it is absolutely worth more than a stupid iPod.

Kevin said...

At the Springfield Cardinals/Arkansas Travelers game tonight here in Springfield, the Red Cross had volunteers collecting money in gigantic water jugs outside each of the four public gates. I was working down at Gate 1, and seeing people stop before entering the stadium and dropping every amount of money -- from pocket change to $50 bills -- was downright awesome.

They gave before the came in, they gave when they left, and some even asked if they could step outside during the game to contribute.

I think it's safe to say that at least $1,000 (and probably more) was collected. Way to go Springfield!

meland4258 said...

I was just going to tell you I found this great place to design your own christmas cards. They are normaly like $20 but free on this link. I know people that have recently gone through a disaster have nothing and nothing to look forward to so this might just cheer them up.