Tuesday, September 20, 2005

He won an award? How?

Anthony over at the most excellent Bleeding Black & Orange put me onto an article written by award-winning sports writer, Dan Wetzel.

In the article, located hee-yer, Wetzel does a beautiful job...making a complete fool of himself. Not only does he call Giants fans a bunch of imbeciles (using that exact word), but for reasons unknown he decides that not enough has been said on the subject of Barry Bonds and steroids, and that his voice and opinion is wanted and needed on the subject.

Wrong on both counts, Mr. Wetzel, and your mother wears combat boots.

As little as I like to get childish...okay, as little as I usually like to be childish, Wetzel does that exact thing in the article, sounding like a petulant, spoiled child. Apparently not hip to the ways of the world, he seems to think that Giants fans should've booed Bonds upon his return from injury. Why, you ask? Simple: because that's what they did to Rafael Palmeiro in Baltimore, and because that's what Wetzel thinks we ought to have done.

Such a waste of brain matter here on so many counts. First, somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Palmeiro suspended for steroid use? Didn't Palmeiro fail a drug test, and fail this test after MLB had banned the substance?

Do any of the above things apply to Bonds? Have they ever applied to Bonds?

The situation with us fans here in the Bay Area is the same now as it was last September with Barry -- he plays for our team, and he hits better than anyone else in the game. Sure, suspicions have been heightened surrounding the man, but they have always been fairly high. Sure, evidence was leaked from a Grand Jury testimony (still astounds me as to how regularly that happens in high profile court cases) where Bonds admitted taking some at one time unknowingly, making the circumstantial evidence even stronger, but what else?

Has anything else changed? Oh, wait, a few players other than Bonds have been suspended for steroid use, including Palmeiro. Yes, yes, I see it now -- because those other players were morons and were caught messing around, we should simply apply that to Bonds, and immediately start to hate him, right?

Which passing comet did Wetzel fall off of to land on this planet? That logic is so flawed that George W. could easily spot it.

Some of us, Mr. Wetzel, wait for this little thing called proof before ensuing in mass boo-hysteria. If Bonds fails a drug test and is suspended for steroid use, or is otherwise proven to have taken the drug knowingly over a long period of time in order to get an edge to play professional baseball, then...

...well, you still won't get any boos outta me. You'll get silence, because I will truly be hurt and disappointed, but I won't boo the man after all the entertainment he's provided me. And seeing as how Jason Giambi (who Wetzel also commented on in his embittered article) seems to be smacking the ball around with great authority post-steroids, I also doubt the drug's ability to make Bonds into something he wouldn't have otherwise been.

Here's my response to Mr. Wetzel, pointing out a another flaw in his commentary:

Something you didn't seem to think of, Mr. Wetzel, and a reason why you should think before you write.

You laud Baltimore fans over San Francisco fans for the booing of Palmeiro, and say Giants fans should boo Bonds over the strong suspicion of steroid use.

Okay, but let me ask you this, Mr. Wetzel -- what do you think of Baltimore's treatment of Ray Lewis? I don't think I hear any boos when he steps onto the field, and...wasn't he a suspected MURDERER at one time?

So San Francisco Giants fans are imbeciles for cheering a suspected steroid user, but Baltimore fans are great for booing Palmeiro, and cheering a suspected murderer.
That chain of logic makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

I have an idea, Mr. Wetzel...why don't you go and take some length-enhancing drugs for your penis, and when it gets nice and long...

...go fuck yourself.


olympicjosh said...

Dude, awesome.
I read that article when it was posted and felt compelled to write too.
My first draft was a flamefest that could have justified his opinions on Giants fans, so I rewrote.
I'm glad that many people seem to have written.

I love your article on the topic though.
Especially the ending.

Well played.

Daniel said...

Thanks, Josh.

Wetzel is going to get a ton of negative mail from Giants fans, and I'm sure he knows it. But we owe it to ourselves to make sure we think a bit before framing a response, just like you did -- just like Wetzel didn't think before penning that article.

He represents what can go wrong when a writer commands such a wide audience -- he can write something foolish in the heat of the moment, and millions can easily read (and be influenced) by his words.

Unfortunately, his opinion is likely in the majority.