Thursday, September 08, 2005

Opportunity missed - Part II

Tuesday's loss, I could understand. Yesterday's loss leaves me baffled.

This is the problem with putting too much hope into the Giants catching the Padres. The Giants can't afford to let two winnable games in a row slip away. If this happens again, the Giants are truly finished, no if, ands, or buts.

The Padres can afford to stumble and slip. They've got a large lead. Each misstep for the Giants is near fatal.

Luckily for me, I didn't see or hear the game.

Once again, I'm going to go mum on the whole postseason thing. I've said it about twice now, and keep getting brought back into the discussion either after the Giants gain a couple of games or after I have some disagreement with a miscellaneous optimist on another blog.

For good reason, I've avoided any talk about a possible Barry Bonds comeback. Many of us Giants fans have let the hype lead us on to think he could come back and make an impact this season. The reason why I haven't spoke about this is simply because I had to see it to believe it. I already have enough doubts about Barry's performance next season -- I refuse to believe he could do much at this juncture, especially with him having to play the field to get any sort of significant amount of at-bats.

The Padres magic number is now down to 19.


Ed said...

I only saw the ninth inning last night, so I could be way off here.

It's troubling to look at the box score and see that 7 pitchers were used in 8 1/3 innings. Walker apparently walked the only batter he faced, surely not the result c.o.w. for brains was looking for, and was promptly yanked. A bullpen cannot be successful when handled in this manner on a consistent basis.

Let's hope Accardo's confidence is not shattered. He already took Tuesday's loss very hard, and c.o.w. for brains brings him in to try to salvage Benitez' mess. C.o.w. for brains should have left Benitez in. He's the closer. He's a veteran. He's much more prepared for the pshychological aspects of blowing the lead and losing. That's part of the job when you are a veteran closer.

Ed said...

September 7: Alou said (of Accardo) "He's a confident kid"

September 6: "It's tough to get a pat on the back when you didn't do anything to deserve it," Accardo said. "They were telling me to keep my head up. I gave us a chance (by pitching a scoreless ninth), but I blew it in the next inning. I don't think I did anything good out of that. We had a pretty good streak going."

Alou is a little out of touch with reality, don't you think?

Daniel said...

Ed: talk about not having your finger on the pulse of the team...

If we thought he was bad before, I can only imagine what Felipe is going to do when in the middle of a "pennant race" in regards to the bullpen.

Personally, I think he picks a random piece of debris from his mustache, and uses that to determine what moves he's going to make.