Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Alright, ALRIGHT! He's the fricking ace, okay?

Should've smelled this one coming. Yesterday I was stupid enough to type this load of crap out:
He's a shaky ace at best. I've heard a lot of people lately giving Noah Lowry ace status, which is just a bit silly. Lowry's good and getting better, and make no mistake, he's pitched better than Schmidt overall this season (and at the end of last season, too). But to call him the "ace" and kick Schmidt to the curb at this point is premature. It certainly looks that way for right now, but I'd rather wait until about June of next season, personally.

That was just about the stupidest thing I've ever said, and I've said quite a few stupid things. The very same day I type that, Noah Lowry goes out and throws 8 2/3 innings of shutout ball, walking only one and striking out six.

For my next trick, I'll turn wine into water, and slowly melt the polar icecaps over the course of 14,238 years.

Noah's got one more start this month, and I'm wondering how, short of a disastrous start, that he doesn't land NL Pitcher of the Month. This month so far, he's pitched 31 1/3 innings, allowing two runs (that's two - dos, deux, due, zwei, twee, kaksi, randu...TWO!) on 13 hits, and striking out 27 while walking only eight. He's allowed two runs, but heck, Lowry himself has driven in two runs of his own this month.

His WHIP for the month is 0.67. He's allowed one double during the month, and that's the only extra-base hit he's allowed. Heck, Lowry himself has hit a double of his own this month (is there an echo in here?). His ERA this month is going to be something stupid like 0.60 or something like that after last night's game.

Near as I can tell with my rough calculations, hitters have hit about .110 against Lowry and SLG'd about .119 this month. Heck, Lowry himself has hit .333 and SLG'd .444 this month (damn echo again).

So, not only has Noah Lowry outpitched his opposition this month, he's outhit his opposition this month. That's gotta be illegal in like, 37 states or something.

Noah Lowry. Ace. There, I said it.


Aaron said...

If Schmidt can regain more of his '03-'04 form I am loving him and Lowry as a 1-2. As for 3-5 who knows, but 30-35 wins from those two would do wonders.

Jefferson said...

I'm cautiously optimistic. This time last year, we were sure we'd have an outstanding rotation in 2005, with Schmidt, Tomko, Lowry, Williams and Rueter.


Daniel said...


Yeah. Don't ya wish sometimes that the "Brain" Sabean would just have a huge press conference with all of the local media, get up on the podium, get everyone's attention, look right in the camera and say...

"My bad."

Wouldn't that just be so cool? I'd even let him stay through 2007 if he'd do that. But noooooooo...