Saturday, August 27, 2005

Pure Excitement

Matt Cain's been called up.

As much as I've ragged on Brian Sabean, I cannot deny the excitement of having four out of five pitchers in the rotation being 25 years old or younger. It'd have been nice if Jerome Williams, David Aardsma, and Jesse Foppert were still around -- there'd be some depth in the pipeline.

That being said, it is going to be an interesting September. If Cain just happens to be lights out, what are the chances of having next year's rotation be Jason Schmidt, Noah Lowry, Kevin Correia, Brad Hennessey, and Cain?

Not very good, really, but...perhaps it's possible. It would certainly save the team a bunch of money in the free agent market, not having to go after another starting pitcher. If only they could find a way out of Edgardo Alfonzo's contract...

Note: thanks to Danimal, Kevin, and Bigfly for leaving a comment despite all the spamming that seems to have started here lately. I was thinking, perhaps, if I was quick to delete them out those bastards wouldn't come back. No such luck.

I'm going to have to exercise some controls here, and like Kevin suggested, I'll have to activate a word verification on the comments for a bit -- when you leave a comment, it'll ask you to type in a word in a box to verify that it's a real human being and not spamming software.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I'm sure you all would rather type in a word in a box than navigate through five comments from people trying to sell you pharmaceuticals or trying to get you to refinance your home.


danimal said...

Just found your blog in blogwise... great content!! you seem to be getting spammed on your comments eh?

Kevin said...

Not to be obvious or anything, Daniel, but you probably want to activate the word confirmation thing on Blogger to avoid these spam comments.

bigfly71 said...

I thought I was going to get a bunch of good comments from fellow Giants fans, wtf was all that? Anyway I guess it's easy to fix, I'm going to my first Giants game of this year on Monday to see Mr. Cain himself. I would still love to see us pick up one of the decent FA pitchers to plug behind Schmidt, but if Cain is what I think he will be and Hennessey can just pitch against St.Louis, and Correia pitches like the did against the Mets, than yeah I can see us using that rotation.

Daniel said...

Thanks, fellas.

Bigfly -- I don't believe that Correia's Mets game was indicative of how good he really is, and the same with Hennessey.

But the fact that they can do that against good major league teams suggest that their around-5.00 ERA's may be a bit misleading as well -- we can only hope.

danimal said...

Good idea on the verification... I just started my blog up but my old one I had last year had the same problem on blogspot.