Monday, August 29, 2005

Cain you feel it?

Matt Cain is pitching tonight. At the time the game is to start, I should be in the middle of driving home from work. Instead, I'm going to be at home, because I'm going to leave work early, so I won't be in the middle of driving home from work at the time the game is to start.

That's what I'm gonna do. All attempts to stop me will be met with extreme prejudiced. Or, feigned nonchalance -- I get the two mixed up sometimes.

I will predict his line:

6.2 innings/9 hits/3 runs/4 bb/8 k's

It will take him...94 pitches to do it. There's still time to catch a flight to Vegas...hurry!


Andrew said...

"Not bad," as Dave Flemming said after Cain left the field. I thought it was odd that the normally complimentary Jon Miller had nothing superlative to say.

Cain came in under your predictions for hits and strikeouts, and he didn't play as long as you thought he would, but I liked his 2 runs on 3 hits in 5+ innings. What, I could do better?

I wish I could have been at today's game...I remember being there the day Tyler Walker debuted and he wasn't so fat. It's a really cool feeling to watch new players get their first stripe.

I just hope they bring up Brian Burres before the season's out.

Oh, and your new security system just required me to type a dirty word to post.

Daniel said...

Yes, yes, Andrew, but you LIKE the dirty word, you NEED the dirty word.

Cain was fine, and that was about the kind of performance I should've expected. The point was, and is, that I wanted to see the potential, the future. And I believe I did.

It's a good looking future.