Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I don't know what could've made you do that...could it be, uhmmm, SATAN!?

All references to Dana Carvey aside, this whole thing with Larry Krueger, Felipe Alou, and KNBR has just gotten out of hand.

Krueger, along with two other employees of the radio station, were fired last night as a result of Krueger's remarks and a series of silly reactions.

Everything was done incorrectly by everyone. Everything. Everyone.

Obviously, the real "brain dead" person to begin all of this was Krueger himself. Do I think the "Caribbean" remarks were racist? No. Were they about as stupid as they could be? Yep.

Krueger's suspension of a week was not enough. It should've been a month. Again, not because of the racial overtones of the remark, but because of the sheer idiocy of saying something like that on a popular radio station. KNBR should've known better -- they had to suspend Krueger for a month, even if they didn't agree with the length of the suspension and even if the knew Krueger's remarks weren't meant in the strict sense of how it was said.

That being said, Felipe got silly himself. Ridiculously stubborn throughout this process, he referred to Krueger as being in league with Satan, of all people/entities. That's loopy. Be offended if you like, I would understand that, and I even understand Alou not accepting Krueger's apology. But to go on national t.v. (ESPN) and invoke the name of Satan?


So, with all of this going on, what does KNBR do the next morning? Why, run a parody of Alou complete with South Park soundbites and all, mocking him for the Satan reference.

Uh, fellas? Remember? Popular radio station? People are listening, you idiots. They're waiting for the next stupid mistake, and apparently, morning show producer Tony Rhein was willing to provide one.

So, out goes Krueger and Rhein. And, probably caught in the crossfire, out goes program director Bob Agnew. He may not have had much to do with any of this, but heck, guilty by association. He's been working at the station since 1989, but out he goes!

2005 is turning out to be really crappy all-around. We have Bonds' injury and Steroid Watch, we have the poor performance of the team, we have the GM of the club picking up players who've tested positive for banned substances, we have near-zero impact trade deadline deals, and now we have the Caribbean Satan Scandal.

Sheesh. I think I'm going to watch the video of last night's Royals game, where they gave up a five run lead in the 9th inning by allowing 11 runs to the Indians to lose the game and extend their losing streak to 11 games.

That ought to cheer me up.


Jefferson said...

This situation has redefined "SNAFU."

From here, all I can think is:

Let's go Sharks. GAME ON!

TJW said...

after many years of watching the giants... this might be the straw the breaks the camels back for me. I cant believe that the ludicrous comment made by Krueger is gonna get his ass fired. I agree with El Lefty Malo, its not like we dont hear at least 35,0000 times a day how Domincan hitters get off the island for swinging at everything and not for patient batters eye.

anyways heres to the A's


Andrew said...

Whoa, great minds think alike, eh? I'm off to watch the rest of the As game. Go As!

Daniel said...

Andrew, I am afraid I cannot agree with you there -- I do not have a great mind, I have a mind consisting of Cream of Wheat. Maple flavor, if you must know.

And I can't even 2nd that emotion on the A's. While I don't have the level of sports-hatred for the A's that I did in the Bash Brothers days, I still harbor latent resentment over the fact that their GM is bigger, better, stronger, smarter, and much faster than the Giants GM., actually, strike that reference. Sabean might actually go out and hire Steve Austin and have him play a corner outfield position or something...